Proven performance

Duroxite® is tough on wear wherever it’s applied for a wide range of industries and applications.

A Duroxite® Concrete drum mixer liner

Duroxite® 100

Sliding Wear

Wear part: Drum mixer paddles of Duroxite® 101
Industry: Concrete – Canada
Application: Drum mixer
Replacing 1" polyurethane paddles with Duroxite® 101 6 mm on 10 mm(¼" on 3/8")
Service life: 5 times longer service life

Duroxite® 200

Severe Sliding Wear

Wear part: Liner plate made of Duroxite® 200
Industry: Coal terminal – Canada
Application: Coal chute
Replacing a competitor’s CCO 6 mm on 6 mm (¼’’ on ¼’’) with Duroxite® 200 6mm + 6mm (¼’’ on ¼’’)
Service life: Increased service life from 6 to 30 month

Duroxite® 300

Extreme Sliding Wear

Wear part: Conveyor liner plate using Duroxite® 300
Industry: Steel foundry – Mexico
Application: Conveyor
The original conveyor liner made of casting Mn with tungsten carbide 38mm (1.5”) worn out after three months. It’s replaced by Duroxite® 300 12 mm + 6 mm (1/4’’ on 1/2’’) welded on 20mm (¾’’) Hardox® 600.
After three months, this liner plate onlyshowed 0.254 mm (0.01”) wear.
Service life: The service life of Duroxite® 300 plate is about 2 years.

Duroxite® 400

Heat and Metal-To-Metal wear

Wear part: Bail pin made of Duroxite® 400 Pin
Industry: Coal mine – USA
Application: Dragline bucket
The previously used induction hardened 4340 pin was replaced by a Duroxite® 400 overlay pin.
Service life: Increased service life from 800 to 3,500 hours

Duroxite® yard dragline bucket liner

Duroxite® 500

High impact & Sliding Wear

Wear part: Liner plate made of Duroxite® 500
Industry: Copper mine – China
Application: Belt machine
Duroxite® 500 6 mm on 41 mm (¼" on 1-5/8") replaced the ZG M13 cast liner plate (50 mm)
Service life: Increased from 15 to 45 days


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