Inclusion and diversity

We operate globally and employ around 14,000 people with diverse abilities, skills and experience in more than 50 countries. At SSAB, we strive to create an inclusive culture, in which we recognize differences as an important part of our success.

Our work in the area of inclusion and diversity

At SSAB, we treat everyone with respect and dignity. We are aware that a diverse workforce brings a variety of different skills, competences and experiences to our workplace, which in turn means better business opportunities.

SSAB strives for an inclusive leadership and corporate culture, where employees feel a sense of belonging and have equal opportunities to contribute and succeed. By diversity, we mean the wide range of skills, competences and experiences that employees contribute. Our work in the field of inclusion and diversity is based on the areas of community, workforce and workplace.


The metal and mining industry faces a challenge when it comes to the balance between women and men. SSAB wants to increase the number of women in managerial positions, and is aiming to reach 23% by 2025. In total, the proportion of women at SSAB is 21%.


Be a responsible partner and improve our reputation as a company and employer.


Attract, hire and nurture a diverse workforce for the future.


Develop an inclusive and innovative workplace.