Sustainable solutions with SSAB Weathering steel

Galvanizing or painting steel for construction projects increases C02 emissions and costs. SSAB Weathering steel has a natural patina that makes it a more sustainable solution.

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Corrosion-resistant steel for a sustainable world

Learn how high-strength SSAB Weathering steel reduces C02 emissions and costs over its entire life cycle.

Use steel better

Manufacturing, transporting, installing and maintaining steel creates C02 emissions. SSAB Weathering steel can reduce total C02 emissions by up to 40%.

No hot-dip galvanizing

More than 120 kg of C02 emissions are released in batch galvanizing a ton of steel. SSAB Weathering steel does not need to be galvanized due to its protective patina.

No or less painting

About 160 kg of C02 emissions are released in painting a ton of steel. SSAB Weathering develops a protective patina over time. And if a structure is painted, it can last twice as long as one in regular steel before you need to repaint.

High-strength steel

SSAB Weathering is a high-strength steel enabling thinner and lighter designs. This reduces the amount of C02 emissions from manufacturing and transportation.

Build smarter

The construction and building industry is responsible for 39% of global C02 emissions. Discover how SSAB Weathering steel reduces emissions while protecting against corrosion.

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Stronger and more sustainable products

Sustainable upgrading

Upgrading your existing hot-dip galvanized steel to high-strength SSAB Weathering steel can lead to significant reductions in emissions and costs, while maintaining the same level of durability.

The protective patina

SSAB Weathering steel is protected by a patina layer of rust that is formed during the oxidation process. The patina slows any further oxidation of the steel.

Use better steel

SSAB takes the lead in decarbonizing the steel industry

SSAB knows that fossil-free steel is vital for a sustainable future. Learn how we are partnering with companies to advance fossil-free, high-strength steel.

Delivering fossil-free steel in 2026

Together with our partners LKAB and Vattenfall, we have come up with a revolutionary way to produce steel without emitting C02 – our new HYBRIT technology.

Life-cycle reductions

From raw materials to manufacturing, maintenance and recycling, SSAB Weathering reduces steel’s carbon footprint over its entire life cycle.


Thanks to the recent standards EN 10025-5:2019 and EN 10219-3:2020, it is possible to use SSAB Weathering steels in steel structures in Europe.

CE marking

In accordance with EN 1090, manufacturers can use most SSAB Weathering grades in their CE-marked steel components or structures.