The potential for use as district heating corresponds to the amount of heat used by more than a hundred and fifty apartment blocks.

“If the investment materializes, it could occasionally replace fossil fuels, like natural gas, during the coldest heating season. At other times of the year, use of the waste heat in district heating production would also reduce the use of biofuels. If implemented, the project will have a major impact on improving energy production since it would allow an increase in the share of heat produced without combustion,” says COO Maija Henell at Loimua Oy.

”SSAB is committed to acting systematically, proactively and in a goal-driven way to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations and to improve the material and energy efficiency of our operations. Increased cooperation with Loimua to use our waste heat would very well serve this goal by reducing the heat load released into waterways,” adds Mikko Lepistö, Manager, Energy in Production Operations at SSAB Europe.

The parties will study the technical and economic feasibility of the project during 2023, following which any investment decisions will be made. If it materializes, the project would require heat recovery and heat pump systems on the SSAB Hämeenlinna site and a strengthening of the main district heating network.