Enable material tracking with SSAB Track & Trace API

Transportation tracking with SSAB is easy. By using API (Application Programming Interface) we can establish a seamless way of working together using digital transformations. Find more information in the API Handbook and please contact us if you want to know more, or wish to establish an API connection together with us.

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What is Track & Trace API?

The API interface for Track & Trace was built to make electronic communication possible for SSAB partners, especially logistics companies. Shipment tracking doesn't work without load data, therefore receiving transport loads from freight forwarders is important.

T&T API is the answer that solves the communication challenge. The interface is easy and fast to take into use and what's more - testing your implementation is possible on the fly!

Start your journey

It is easy to get started. Request credentials, login to the developer site, get Swagger into use, implement and test your API, verify the implementation with SSAB and finally - publish.



The first step to start implementation work towards SSAB T&T API is to obtain access to our developer portal. Request credentials from here.


Developer site

After gaining access, it is time to start developing. Our developer site with testing capabilities is just around the corner - click the button and start implementing.



Every now and then there might be challenges on the way. Our job is to offer the greatest tools and support to our partners. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us.

How to implement our SSAB Track & Trace API

We have collected a set of information to make development easy. Specifications and API testing environment can be found from the development portal.

Our development portal is an all-you-need set of tools and information for SSAB partner’s technical developers who work on Track and Trace implementation.

First, the developer portal access starts the game. After gaining access to the portal, all the relevant material and testing environment is ready for use.

Then, it is time to get to know the specification of load creation and calling Track and Trace API. We use Swagger to automatically document our interfaces. At the same time, it is suggested to read the API documentation next to it.

When it’s time to move on to testing phase, developers can use Swagger interface to try load ingestion. The interface will provide intuitively feedback whether the implementation was successful or may require changes. Do not hesitate to test – it won’t break anything!

In case of a bigger problem, we provide support via email – our experts will solve all the issues in no time.

The final step is to move the implementation to production. Go-live requires discussion with SSAB professionals. When everything is ready, SSAB IT switches the implementation to Prod environment and then we are done!


Testing environment


Our network today:

SSAB delivers annually millions of tons of steel to customers. Target is to track deliveries end-to-end. Today, the biggest obstacle to make it happen is lack of connections between our logistics partners for load data. Especially for the last leg.

This challenge will be history soon. SSAB has published the Track and Trace API to make load ingestion easy. Our aim is to integrate all the logistics partners to the same ecosystem – that will enhance end-to-end visibility of shipments and enable the estimated time of arrival calculation possible – the first time in history!

We invite you to be a part of the success story.

Year of Establishment

Transport types:

  • Truck
  • Vessel: Conventional
  • Vessel: Container
  • Rail

We have published the T&T API to make load ingestion easy. A vast amount of loads are tracked already, but this is not the point we want to stop - jump in to make our customers even happier!

Harri Vähävihu, Head of SCM Digitalisation