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General Product Description

GreenCoat Pural BT color coated steel is available in matt, metallic, satin and regular finishes and offers a wide range of colors inspired by Nordic nature. It uses a patented bio-based coating with Swedish rapeseed oil, which is unique on the market. SSAB holds a worldwide patent for this coating technology (Bio-based Technology, BT).

GreenCoat Pural BT offers the highest level of durability for roofing applications like standing seams, profiled roof tiles and is used widely in metal roofer applications. GreenCoat Pural BT in metallics, satin and regular finishes are also premium products for facade products like sandwich panels and cassettes. 

GreenCoat Pural BT color coated steel offers a coating that is optimized to resist weathering resulting in the highest UV (Ruv5 for matt appearance) and corrosion classes (RC5+). The product has excellent scratch resistance and is easy to handle during manufacturing. GreenCoat Pural BT possesses excellent forming properties enabling very demanding folding even down to -15°C, allowing for year-round installation at lower costs.

The newly developed satin appearance of GreenCoat Pural BT responds well to current architectural and design trends. It has a gloss level of 20.

The reverse side of the sheet is painted with a two-layer grey backside coating.

GreenCoat Pural BT complies with current REACH regulations and is fully chromate-free.

SSAB’s color coated steels are all manufactured according to EN 10169.

GreenCoat and Pural are trademarks of the SSAB group of companies.

Technical Properties

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    Technical Properties Matt Metallic Satin Regular
    Gloss < 5 40 20 40
    Minimum inner bending radius 1 x sheet thickness 1 x sheet thickness 1 x sheet thickness 1 x sheet thickness
    Scratch resistance 40 N 35 N 40 N 40 N
    Lowest forming temperature -15 °C -15 °C -15 °C -15 °C
    UV radiation resistance RUV5 RUV4 RUV4-5 RUV4
    Corrosion resistance 1) RC5+ RC5+ RC5+ RC5+
    Stain resistance Very good Very good Very good Very good
    Highest operating temperature 100 °C 100 °C 100 °C 100 °C
    Fire classification, EN 13501-1 A1 s1 d0 A1 s1 d0 A1 s1 d0 A1 s1 d0
    Coating thickness, nominal (primer + top coat) 50 µm 45 µm 50 µm 50 µm
    Coating structure Structured and wrinkled Smooth Structured Structured
    Steel designation 2) S280GD, S320GD, S350GD, DX51D S280GD, S320GD, S350GD, DX51D S280GD, S320GD, S350GD, DX51D S280GD, S320GD, S350GD, DX51D
    Zinc coating 275 g/m2 275 g/m2 275 g/m2 275 g/m2
    Min steel thickness 2) 0.50 mm 0.50 mm 0.50 mm 0.50 mm
    Steel width 2) 1000 - 1500 mm 1000 - 1420 mm 1000 - 1500 mm 1000 - 1500 mm
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      1) Classification into corrosion resistance categories is based on blistering, delamination and damage on bend of the coating after four years exposure in natural outdoor testing sites as specified in EN 10169.

      2) Maximum steel thickness is 1.5 mm and maximum steel width depends on steel thickness. For other steel dimensions or steel grades please contact SSAB Tech Support.


      Below are the colors currently available. Other colors can be agreed upon separately. 

      Colors shown in the color table are only indicative. To see the real visual appearance of the product, please order a color sample. Please note also that the same colors between the products may differ.

      For information on thermal properties (solar reflectance index SRI or thermal emittance TE) of available colors, please contact SSAB Tech Support.

      30 Available Colors
      Preview colors


      GreenCoat Pural BT

      Winter White

      RR20 / SS0005

      Regular, Matt, Satin (trial deliveries)

      Snow White

      RR19 / SS0001


      Concrete Grey

      RR292 / SS----

      Regular, Satin

      Pebble Grey

      RR21 / SS0011

      Regular, Matt, Satin (trial deliveries)

      Quarry Grey

      RR287 / SS0244

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Stone Grey

      RR22 / SS0554

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Anthracite Grey

      RR2H8 / SS0087


      Mountain Grey

      RR23 / SS0036

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Ridge Grey

      RR2F7 / SS0035

      Regular, Satin

      Slate Grey

      RR2H3 / SS0534

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Nordic Night Black

      RR33 / SS0015

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Walnut Brown

      RR32 / SS0387

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Chestnut Brown

      RR887 / SS0435

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Almond Brown

      RR30 / SS0187

      Regular, Satin

      Terra Brown

      RR31 / SS0433

      Regular, Satin

      Cottage Red

      RR29 / SS0758

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Tile Red

      RR750 / SS0760

      Regular, Matt, Satin

      Brick Red

      RR7F2 / SS0742

      Regular, Satin

      Wine Red

      RR798 / SS5781

      Regular, Matt

      Harvest Yellow

      RR24 / SS0189

      Regular, Satin

      Silver Fir Green

      RR5J3 / SS0975


      Leaf Green

      RR594 / SS0874


      Pine Green

      RR11 / SS0830

      Regular, Matt, Satin


      RR37 / SS0925

      Regular, Satin

      Lake Blue

      RR35 / SS0558

      Regular, Satin

      Metallic Silver

      RR40 / SS0045


      Metallic Dark Silver

      RR41 / SS0044

      Regular, Matt*

      Metallic Titanium

      RR45 / SS----

      Regular (trial deliveries)

      Metallic Gold

      RR42 / SS----

      Regular (trial deliveries)

      Metallic Copper

      RR979 / SS0778

      Regular (trial deliveries)

      Note especially for Metallic and all Matt colors: To ensure tonal consistency of colors on a single exterior face, all material must come from the same production batch. Also the directionality of surfaces has to be consistent especially when sheets are cut to size. Compared to solid colors, larger measured color variation between production batches is typical for metallic colors, even if color is visually stable.

      * Metallic Dark Silver RR41 / SS0044 matt belongs to GreenCoat Pural BT, matt -group and can be used only in roofing products. 

      Reverse Side Coating

      Unless otherwise specified, the reverse side of the sheet is painted with a two-layer coating to further improve the corrosion resistance of the end product. The coating provides good adhesion properties to many adhesives and foams; nevertheless the compatibility needs to be tested case-specifically.

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        Technical Properties
        Nominal Coating Thickness (primer + top coat) 12 µm
        Color Grey
        Corrosion Resistance Min CPI3
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          Technical Properties
          Nominal Coating Thickness (primer + top coat)
          12 µm
          Technical Properties
          Technical Properties
          Corrosion Resistance
          Min CPI3

          For easy material identification the reverse side of the sheet is stamped with the GreenCoat logo and the product name. The production year is marked to ease material traceability and can be referred to within the guarantee period. An arrow shows the direction of production to ensure installation in a uniform direction.

          Protective Film

          Temporary protective films are available for protection during processing and installation. Protective films are applied on the top side of the Product. Films will be centered to the strip meaning that typically there are small unprotected areas in both edges of the strip. Unprotected area may be cut away if customer so wishes. Joined film strip ends are marked with red tape on the edge of the Product.

          Products with protective film should be stored in dry and warm conditions, since the adhesion between protective film and color coating decreases both in high and low temperatures. Humidity changes also the adhesion properties and in worst case leaves the adhesive part of the film on the Product surface.

          Adhesion of protective film increases over time, eventually making it difficult to remove the film from the Product’s surface. Due to that, protective film is recommended to be removed from the material as soon as possible, but no later than six months from the manufacturing of the Product or after one month from the end product installation depending on which comes first.

          Protective film decreases friction between coil windings, which creates a high risk of coil collapsing on thin gauge coils. Due to the risk of collapsing, SSAB does not recommend protective films for steel nominal thickness ≤ 0,60 mm. If protective film is essential, following precautions must be taken to minimize the risk of collapsing: Max coil weight < 5 tons and self-supporting coil protection shields must be used in the package.

          Typical protective film thickness is around 45µm, max working temperature +80°C and max and min stripping temperatures +40°C  &  -10°C.

          Protective film has a good resistance to forming but is susceptible to cuts. When working with material with a protective film, clean tools that do not damage the film, and appropriate methods are to be used. Cutting fluids are not needed because the film protects the material surface and reduces friction. Cutting fluids may also have negative impact on the protective film and its adhesion.

          Films used with GreenCoat Pural BT metallic colors have arrows indicating the painting direction of the strip, which enhances the use of the material in the manufacturing of end products.

          Protective films can be recycled as plastics, combusted or disposed via the municipal waste management system depending on the local waste management guidelines and regulations.

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