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In this download section, you will have direct access to information about our award-winning GreenCoat® buildings, our wide range of GreenCoat® products and colors, and our GreenCoat® guarantees. You will also find the latest management certificates, as well as the GreenCoat® Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Feel free to browse the download section and learn more about GreenCoat®.

    GreenCoat® Guarantees

    pdf 218 Kb
    GreenCoat® European Guarantee - 220214-V6-February 2022
    pdf 129 Kb
    GreenCoat® Guarantee valid for USA and Canada

    Certificates and environmental declarations

    pdf 616 Kb
    GreenCoat® – Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - v1.2-2022-rev 220214
    pdf 200 Kb
    Management System Certificate IATF 16949:2016, SSAB Europe Oy
    pdf 246 Kb
    SSAB Europe Management System Certificate 9001 EN 2021
    pdf 246 Kb
    SSAB Europe Management System Certificate 14001 EN 2021

    GreenCoat® products and other information

    pdf 1.06 Mb
    Innovative roofs and facades with GreenCoat®
    pdf 243 Kb
    A wide range of colors for GreenCoat® products
    pdf 568 Kb
    GreenCoat Pural BT - Long-lasting roofs, even in extreme weather conditions
    pdf 811 Kb
    GreenCoat PLX Pro BT – “The Roofer’s Choice”
    pdf 668 Kb
    GreenCoat PLX Pural BT – “The Roofer’s Choice”
    pdf 577 Kb
    GreenCoat Crown BT - High color retention and durability for tile profiles and modular roofs
    pdf 570 Kb
    GreenCoat FoodSafe products – Safety and performance for the food industry
    pdf 608 Kb
    GreenCoat® color coated steel - Maintenance instructions
    pdf 454 Kb
    Storage guidelines for GreenCoat® color coated steels

    Architect reference buildings

    pdf 752 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents House in the Mountains by Kropka Studio, Poland
    pdf 1.16 Mb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents Järvabadet by AIX Arkitekter, Stockholm
    pdf 1.48 Mb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents Fisksätra by sandellsandberg arkitekter, Stockholm
    pdf 483 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents Skýli inventive trekking cabin
    pdf 521 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents Fernaig Cottage by Gillian Scampton & Andrew Barnett
    pdf 542 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents House KD by GWSK Arkitekter, Stockholm
    pdf 445 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents Fjärilen (the butterfly) by Belatchew Architekter AB
    pdf 445 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents the Tin House London
    pdf 516 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents Longhouse by architecten studio-PLS Netherlands
    pdf 513 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents Baltic Station Market
    pdf 504 Kb
    GreenCoat® proudly presents Lilla Integralen by sandellsandberg arkitekter, Stockholm

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