A wide range of colors for GreenCoat® products

Vibrant and made to last – GreenCoat® color coated steels are available in more than 400 colors. You will find below our 28 top colors, collected from architects, builders and partners. Each has been carefully selected based on modern building and design trends. If you do not find the color you are looking for, a wide range of customized GreenCoat® colors and finishes are available, and new ones can be matched according to your wishes.

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Download the GreenCoat® 28 top colors, collected from architects, builders and partners here

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A wide range of colors for GreenCoat® products

Frost White RR106 / SS0009

Nordic White RR1H3 / SS0020

Winter White RR20 / SS0005

Snow White RR19 / SS0001

Limestone Grey RR268 / SS0022

Pebble Grey RR21 / SS0011

Stone Grey RR22 / SS0554

Rock Grey RR237 / SS0061

Anthracite Grey RR2H8 / SS0087

Mountain Grey RR23 / SS0036

Slate Grey RR2H3 / SS0534

Nordic Night Black RR33 / SS0015

Walnut Brown RR32 / SS0387

Chestnut Brown RR887 / SS0435

Hazelnut Brown RR8H2 / SS0426

Acorn Brown RR827 / SS0434

Cottage Red RR29 / SS0758

Brick Red RR7F2 / SS0742

Red Clay RR7G3 / SS0762

Harvest Yellow RR24 / SS0189

Silver Fir Green RR5J3 / SS0975

Leaf Green RR594 / SS0874

Pine Green RR11 / SS0830

Lake Blue RR35 / SS0558

Ocean Blue RR4F8 / SS0510

Metallic Silver RR40 / SS0045

Metallic Dark Silver RR41 / SS0044

Metallic Titanium RR45

Select GreenCoat® from a wide choice of building applications for your project:

GreenCoat® color coated steel roofs


Roofs have to deal with Mother Nature´s every mood. A steel roof is a natural choice standing strong against the toughest weather requirements.

GreenCoat® color coated steel facades


Create expressive steel façades using standing seam systems, profiles, sandwich panels or cassettes/lamellas.

GreenCoat® for rainwater systems

Rainwater systems

Rainwater systems contribute to the look of the overall building. Steel rainwater systems are a perfect match for all types of roofs.