Precision tubes
Precision tubes

Precision steel tubes for lighter, stronger, easier-to-form products

Precision steel tubes from SSAB can make your products lighter, stronger, easier-to-form, more precise, and longer lasting. From appliances to furniture to tools to vehicles, SSAB offers a wide range of high-quality, high-strength, precision steel tubing with exceptional dimensional accuracy and best-in-class elongation for superior bendability.

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Our wide precision steel tubing ranges from E220 up to DP980 – and up to 1400 MPa (typical) for our boron tubes for quenching/hardening. Since we’d developed specific tube steel grades at our mill, and then form the tubes ourselves, we have complete control over the entire tube-manufacturing process – from dimensional tolerances and surface quality to guaranteed strength levels. Plus, SSAB’s operations produce some of the lowest embedded CO2 steel available anywhere – see our EPD below. And SSAB Fossil-Free Steels are becoming commercially available, starting in 2026.

SSAB Form Tubes

SSAB Form Tubes for light engineering

SSAB Form Tubes uniquely combine strength, formability, clean steel, and surface quality. These, thin-walled, precision tubes are available in a wide variety of standard sizes and shapes, with custom sizes, shapes and lengths available upon request. SSAB Form Tubes are used for light engineering structures, such as building safety, safety fences, furniture, store fixtures, light material handling (e.g., warehouse cage trolleys), tools, cable ladders, and fitness equipment.

The yield strength range of SSAB Form Tubes ranges from 220 MPa to 420 MPa, with tensile strengths from 310 MPa to 490 MPa. The welded, precision steel tubes are made in compliance with standard EN 10305 (parts 3 and 5) and the more demanding elongation (CR2+) values and chemical analyses. Our tubes’ outstanding elongation properties help make forming easier – increasing production reliability while giving your product more design flexibility and energy absorption. In addition, our tuned chemical composition significantly improves weldability and cutting. Plus, our tight dimensional tolerances help reduce scrap, aid robot welding, and minimize set-up and adjustment times during your production.

SSAB Form Tube 220, SSAB Form Tube 320, SSAB Form Tube 420

Docol tubes

Docol® Automotive Tubes, ideal for safety

Docol® Automotive Tubes are designed for use in vehicle safety systems and for car body and chassis structural components. Vehicles from racing cars to autonomous shuttles have taken advantage of Docol® Steel Tubes’ wide range of tensile strengths: from 490 MPa up to 980 MPa – without requiring costly hardening processes.

Docol Automotive Tube is typically cold rolled. Coating options include zinc (GI), Galfan® (ZA), and galvannealed (GA). The longitudinally-welded Docol Tubes are made in compliance to standard EN 10305 (parts 3 and 5) and the more demanding elongation (CR2+) values and chemical analyses. With our emphasis on tight dimensional tolerances, highly consistent mechanical properties, and excellent surface quality, Docol Steel Tubes are the “go to” for vehicle frame builders.

Docol Tube 420LA, Docol Tube 500LA, Docol Tube 600LA, Docol Tube 700LA, Docol Tube 590DP, Docol Tube 780DP, Docol Tube 980DP, Docol Tube R8

SSAB Boron Tubes

SSAB Boron Tubes – up to 1400 MPa final strength

SSAB Boron Tube is the ideal tubing for forming complex shapes that need a high final strength. With excellent wear- and shock-resistance, its UHSS performance is typically used in vehicle safety structures and light engineering.

With its superior cleanliness and fine-grain microstructure, SSAB Boron Tube allows for critical forming operations, such as punching, shearing, and stamping – in as-rolled condition – with minimized risk of microcracking. Because of its optimized chemistry and tight dimensional tolerances, SSAB Boron Tubes enable highly consistent forming performance, day after day, batch after batch. They even enable you to do sophisticated, segmented quench hardening: delivering hardness and toughness to critical areas of your product. Quenching in oil or in water-polymer solutions works equally well, with the latter providing additional environmental benefits. SSAB Boron steel minimizes or eliminates the need for tempering after quenching, reducing energy costs and manufacturing time.

SSAB Boron Tube 22

Why to choose precision tubes with higher elongation?

The success of bending precision tubes can be estimated from the tubes’ elongation at fracture, A, which correlates well with fracture in draw bending. Tubes with higher elongation values have many advantages, including the potential for using smaller bending radii, achieving a more uniform bending quality, and reducing scrap costs.

precision tubes

6 reasons to choose Tubular products from SSAB

consistent quality

Consistent quality

improve sustainability

Improve sustainability

increase payload

Increase payload

own steel

Own steel

Reduce weight

Reduce weight

Save time

Save time

EPD – An important tool in your sustainability work

What is the environmental impact of structural hollow sections throughout the whole lifecycle? You can find this out in SSAB’s environmental product declarations, EPDs.


Precision steel tube handbook

SSAB's Precision Steel Tube Handbook

Our Precision Steel Tube Handbook is an extensive guide to the properties and use of SSAB cold-formed, welded tubes for designers, developers and purchasers. Find out about different steel tube grades, formability, bending, welding, and workshop cost efficiencies.


Webinars and downloads

Join our experts and learn more about SSAB’s tubular steel offering with our online training. You’ll also get on-demand access to recorded webinars and more information about tubular products in a downloadable format.

Sales and technical support

Sales contact and technical support

Contact our sales support for sales inquiries and product information. Get the answers you need from our experienced tech support team.

Customer cases

steel tubes

Reliable precision tubes improve lead time

Varax's vision is to become the leading manufacturer of metal yard and garden products in the Nordic countries. As a material supplier to Varax, SSAB supports this vision in the best possible way. High-quality tubular products, which are optimized for Varax’s production, enable an efficient and effective production process.


Safe and durable roof security products

Piristeel is a Finnish manufacturer of roof safety products which absolutely does not compromise on quality and durability of their products, and that is why it trusts SSAB's precision tubes as their material. Piristeel manufactures roof safety products and rainwater products. In its rainwater systems, Piristeel relies on SSAB's GreenCoat RWS Pural. Piristeel was founded in 1974 and since then has relied on the wide range and quality of precision tubes manufactured by SSAB.

Technical Articles

Mar 11
Technical article

Enhanced FrameCalc and new FrameFEM designer tools

SSAB has released a new version of FrameCalc optimization tool where the solver is completely new. SSAB has also released new design tool FrameFEM convenient for more detailed analysis of tubular structures. Both of the applications in FrameX family are provided with web-based user interface designed for enhanced ease of use.

Mar 8
Technical article

Tubular ECI – a new process for standardized implementation of exceptional products

SSAB made significant improvements in the development of digital sales support processes

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Precision steel tubes are manufactured by cold forming and high frequency (HF) induction welding, of cold-rolled, hot-rolled pickled, or metal-coated narrow steel strips slit from coils on a continuous production line.

The steel strip passes between successive forming rolls to give it a circular shape, where the open slit is closed by longitudinal HF-welding, without using any filler materials. The tube’s weld is trimmed smooth to converge with the round shape, before being cooled down. On galvanized tubes, the weld seam is thermal coated after outside trimming. The precision steel tube is worked to its final size, aka calibration, in a roller machine. In the profiling units, the circular steel tube is straightened and, when specified, shaped into a square, rectangular or other special cross-section.

What are precision steel tubes?